Determination of Artificial Intelligence Awareness of Pharmacists in Edirne

Edirne’deki Eczacıların Yapay Zeka Hakkındaki Farkındalıklarının Belirlenmesi




Background and Aims: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a system that imitates human intelligence to perform certain tasks and can re-learn by collecting processed information. This technology can open a new era, especially in terms of in-pharmacy time costs. This study aims to measure the perspective of community pharmacists in the central district of Edirne province on artificial intelligence technology and the level of integration of this technology into their profession.

Methods: This descriptive survey study was conducted with 25 pharmacists in the central district of Edirne. Pharmacists or pharmacist managers were included in the study by stating that they volunteered to participate in the survey, verbally and in writing.

Results: According to the obtained results, when the Interest and Awareness part is examined, positive answers constitute 50.1%, neutral answers 30.7, and negative answers 19.2%. When the Usage Areas and Foresight part is examined, positive answers constitute 41.62%, while neutral answers are 34.13% and negative answers cover 24.24%.

Conclusion: It is seen that pharmacists are interested in AI and awareness about AI is increasing among pharmacists. On the other hand, the survey showed that there is concern among pharmacists because of the changing job contents and creating employment problems.