Covid-19 Pandemic and Investigation of Artificial Intelligence Applications Used in the Pandemic

Covid-19 Pandemisi ve Pandemi Sürecinde Kullanılan Yapay Zekâ Uygulamaları




It is certain that there have been dozens of pandemics in human history that caused mass deaths and destruction. Covid-19 disease has also turned into a pandemic with its rapid and intercontinental spread. According to some sources, the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the worst disasters in human history. Despite very serious precautions taken worldwide, Covid-19 continues to threaten health systems and human life. Under these conditions, humanity needs faster, cheaper, more efficient and more accurate diagnostic and treatment methods both in order to control the current pandemic and to be prepared for new pandemics. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence technologies that are correctly designed and put into service will provide us with this support. In fact, many simultaneous vaccination studies, many applications that make life easier during the pandemic period, the use of artificial intelligence algorithms with foresight and predictive ability, have somewhat reduced the destruction of the pandemic. This study aims to evaluate the coronavirus-induced pandemics and SARS-CoV-2 virus in general in the light of current data and literature, to explain the features of artificial intelligence, and to present examples of artificial intelligence applications used in the pandemic period.




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